Community College Student Announces Shooting Online before Firing

An 18-year-old New River Community College student turned himself in to police after firing a shotgun at the school’s mall campus Friday, killing no one, but injuring two women.

The most bizarre part of this story, besides the obvious derangement a person has to have to believe shooting their colleagues is a good idea, is that the gunman posted his intentions online just moments before carrying them out. A post on online anonymous image forum 4chan allegedly made by the shooter states his name, the type of gun he planned to use (a “Stevens 320 shotgun”), and even linked to his student profile page. It also included a photograph of the school’s entrance.

Moments after the post went online, shots broke out at the mall. When officers arrived, the gunman put down his weapon and surrendered. So far, his motive remains unknown.

The shooting took place ten miles from Virginia Tech, the site where one of the worst college shootings in history occurred almost exactly six years prior. The Virginia Tech shooter killed 32 and injured 17 more before turning a gun on himself. In his internet post, yesterday’s shooter said he had no intention of killing himself unless the situation got really far out of control.

It’s important for college students to remain on the lookout for suspicious behaviors and report them to the authorities to help fight the influx of shooting rampages that seems to have risen in recent years.

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